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Our farms

Our chickens grow and roam outdoors, in our meadows in the province of Udine. Our farms are sustainable and uncrowded, spacious and sunny at the foot of the Friuli hills. Our layers have a healthy diet, made of completely organic feed based on corn, soy, alfalfa and purified water. For many years now, our feathered friends have been clucking and laying their eggs cradled by the notes of classical music. 

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A journey made of many stars

The journey of our eggs could only speak of our territory and the many experiences that make it up. To co-star our laying hens – which turned out to be real premiere dames, we involved three exceptional testimonials and as many locations, who told our product in the everyday life.

We thank for their commitment (and their patience) Gloria Clama and her restaurant Indiniò (in Raveo – Udine), Bruno Pizzul, Capitan Michele Antonutti, Agriturismo Casa Zuani (in Giasbana – Gorizia) and Gastronomy from Luciano to Udine. We have travelled through our region, from the mountains of Carnia to the hills of Collio, passing through our green farms and we can’t wait to show you the result.

Meanwhile here are some shots “stolen” backstage.

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